Reverberations of YouTube

Reverberations of YouTube on American Culture

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“Me at the Zoo”

YouTube was registered on February 14, 2005 by three PayPal alums. The first brief YouTube video was published the next day by founder Jawed Karin, “Me at the Zoo”. In October 2006, Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion. The first commercial ads appeared on YouTube in August 2007.

YouTube still currently rules the multimedia roost. According to Statista, a whopping 78.7% of U.S. multimedia website visits are to YouTube (as of November 2016).

The community of YouTube’s video creators have provided enormous benefits for ordinary Americans. Thousands of demonstrations on repairs, technical training, exercises, arts, cooking etc. are freely available to watch at our convenience.

In many instances, YouTube is a refreshing example of altruism. Contributed by citizens for fellow citizens, anyone with an internet connection can learn skills more efficiently than ever in history.

Additional Positives of YouTube

Personable video tutors connect us to the better part of human nature, with a genuineness lacking in today’s televised media. Many of the video stars are authentic, intelligent, imperfect, and fun to learn from.

In these changing times, many people are socially isolated to one degree or another. Crucially, these video creators also provide a (nearly) “face to face” interaction with a REAL person like ourselves for all manner of inquiries.

Use it and enjoy it while we can, because this vast, free video encyclopedia is likely on limited time in its current form.


~ compassion to all ~

(disclosure: In addition to being an avid viewer, I am a YouTube creator.)

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