Four Photos For Boosting Website Visitors

Website Photo Hints

The extent that photographic images capture our visual attention is dramatic.

Image captions are read 300 times more than any body copy, making captioning a valuable addition. Photos with descriptive captions are a surprisingly easy design addition to connect with a target audience, build loyalty and increase sales.

Pages with photo images or video draw, on average, 94% more views than their text-only counterparts. The placement of an image is a crucial factor to being a positive addition to a web page.

Photographs which create a positive emotional response are especially powerful. Including a large photo of an animated face is a very popular, current design style. Original photos add the most genuine substance and style to a website.

These four categories of photos add value to a website’s user experience.

1. Photos of the product or service. Huge, interactive photos with 360° zoom are ideal for eCommerce websites.

2. Photos of the business owner/team. Our fellow human faces are the most effective in getting our attention.

3. Photos of the business location. Trustworthiness and familiarity are fostered by site location visuals.

4. Photos of happy customers with their accurate testimonials serve as a powerful tool of third party verification.

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